Specially Invited Plays
 Dots and lines, and the cube formed. The many different worlds inside. And light.



Directed and written by Takahiro Fujita


October 25, 2019, 21:00

October 26, 2019, 15:00/20:00

October 27, 2019, 15:00

WHERE: Studio Theatre of the Grand Theatre

Duration: 100 minutes (without intermission) 

Performed in Japanese, with Chinese and English subtitles

About Dots and lines, and the cube formed. The many different worlds inside. And light.

Dots, lines and the cube formed starts from a news story. In 2001, in a small town in Japan, a man kills a girl whose body is found in a ditch. The news of this infanticide affects the public, especially the local youth. Fujita stages those boys and girls ten years later, in 2011, and today, telling their current life and their memories through a chronological format made of continuous refrains that recall the past.


Director/Playwright: Takahiro Fujita


  Aya Ogiwara, Shintaro Onoshima, Ayumi Narita, Satoshi Hasatani, 

  Jitsuko Mesuda, Satoko Yoshida

Stage Manager: Susumu Kumaki

Lighting Design: Kaori Minami

Lighting Operator: Nanako Hirai

Sound Design: Daisuke Hoshino

Video Design: Jitsuko Mesuda

Video Operator: Mariko Miyata

Costume Design: suzuki takayuki

Tour Manager/Subtitle Operator: Miwa Monden

Production: Kana Hayashi, Shiori Koga

Co-ordinator/Text Translation: Zhenzhen Wu

This project has been supported by Japan Foundation.

About Takahiro Fujita

Takahiro Fujita was born in Hokkaido in 1985. In 2007, he established mum & gypsy Theatre while a student at Obirin University and started his career as playwright and director for all mum & gypsy Theatre productions. In 2011, he won the 56th Kishida Award for Home, Waiting Dining Table, A World of Falling Salt, at the age of only 26. He had incorporated his “refrain technique,” used in the music scene for a long time, into his theater, and it later became a great feature of his theater. These “refrains” would also recall your memories and take you back to them in a way that promises to rebuild your idea of the relationship between theatre and the audience. He has collaborated with a variety of artists, and actors of various ages. 2013 saw the first successful, overseas productions by Dots and Lines, and the Cube Formed. The Many Different Worlds Inside. And Light in Italy and Chile. In 2013, with not only history and society as its theme, Fujita created Cocoon based on the true story of the girl soldiers in Okinawa during World War II, and won Best Director at the 23rd Yomiuri Theater Awards. In 2016, he wrote Nina’ s Cotton, which was about the life of director, Yukio Ninagawa, planning to do a production of it together, but it never happened due to Ninagawa’ s death. He has directed theater classics such as Romeo and Juliet with the story developing counter-clockwise on a complicated stage set, and the main character all played by women. In July in 2018, his newest production, Boat, as performed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre which has more than 800 seats. In work outside the theater, he has contributed in many ways, for example, to a fashion show, live music direction, essays, and manga co-production.

About mum&gypsy

mum & gypsy theatre company was founded in 2007 by Takahiro Fujita, who writes and directs all mum & gypsy productions. Fujita has collaborated with the same actors and technical staff members, most of the time when they were not members of the company. The company presents a production every other month. Since 2012, Fujita has started to collaborate with a variety of writers. He collaborates with a diversity of artists and presents theater acclaimed by people both in theater and not.