Wuzhen Dialogues

At the Festival, it is not unusual to brush shoulders on the ancient streets with the masters of the world's theatre. The Wuzhen Dialogues are an integral part of the Festival, a platform that utilizes the presence of all the artists at the Festival to exchange thoughts and ideas about theatre and creativity, China and the world, the past and the future. The Dialogues are free to the public.

In the previous Wuzhen Theatre Festivals, audiences were treated close up to artist dialogues that included Honorary Chairman of the Festival Robert Brustein, European avant garde maestro Eugenio Barba, David Henry Hwang, Stan Lai, Huang Lei, Meng Jinghui, Tian Qinxin, Shi Hang, and Raymond Zhou, among others. Workshops were held by Odin Teatret, where participants learned theatre techniques close at hand from eminent theatre artists.

“Every year, artists, distinguished guests, and theatre masters come to the Wuzhen Dialogues to participate in this annual discussion about theatre. Here, the audience can get closer to these theatre artists and enjoy their thoughts and ideas on theatre, art, life, and the world in a relaxed atmosphere. The Wuzhen Dialogues series is an integral component of the Festival, and is free to the public. We hope that each audience member enjoys a hot cup of tea while feeling and listening to the true blend of the masters’ heart and soul in the dreamy town of Wuzhen.”

— Stan Lai

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Festival

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