Wild Grass

Beijing Dance Theater

Directed and Choreographed by Wang Yuanyuan


October 21, 2021, 19:00

October 22, 2021, 19:00

October 23, 2021, 19:00

WHERE: Water Theatre

Duration: 75 minutes

Without lines and subtitles 


Wild Grass was inspired by a 1920s poetry collection of the same name, by Lu Xun, who is considered the greatest Chinese literary figure of the 20th century. One of his recurring themes was the reconciliation of life and death, and correspondingly, Wang contrasts wild, rushing energy and collapse. For its physical power alone, Wild Grass was an invigorating experience.

– Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post

Farewell, Shadows brought a change of pace, and in response to his bleak imagination, the creators colored the stage in somber hues. The cast was clad in black, sporty-looking costumes, the lighting was dim and the techno soundtrack evoked the droning hum of an underground dance club.

– Oksana Khadarina, Dance Tab

Dance of Extremity provides greater subtlety and resonance, suggesting a dysfunctional society of oppressors and prisoners, of conflict and brutality.

– Laura Molzahn, Chicago Tribune

About Wild Grass

Wild Grass consists of three movements, and is inspired by Mr. Lu Xun's anthology of the same name (published in 1927).

In silence I feel full; with speech I sense emptiness.

The past life has died. I embrace this death with great joy, for I realize that it was once alive.

The dead life has decayed. I embrace this decay with great joy, for I realize that it is not without meaning.

The mud of life lay deserted on the ground; upon it grew not trees but only wild grass. This is my sin.

—Lu Xun, Epigraph to Wild Grass



Artistic Director/Director/Choreographer: Wang Yuanyuan

Cast: Qin Ziqian, Han Yufei, Lin Bencheng, Niu Huaiyu, Tu Shicheng, Cao Zhenghong, Li Lin, Li Yuecong, Huang Baoxuan, Zhu Jueling, Wang Wenwen, Zhou Dongyi, He Menghan

Producer/Set Designer: Han Jiang

Visual Director: Tan Shaoyuan

Lighting Designer: Chen Xiaji

Projection Designers: Liu Tang

Rehearsal Assistant: Qin Ziqian

Stage Manager: Gao Jing

Lighting Technicians: Li Meng, Liu Shuangzi

Set Technicians: Liu Haifei

Sound Technician: Tian Dongyi

About Wang Yuanyuan

Wang Yuanyuan is the co-founder and artistic director of the Beijing Dance Theater (BDT). She is an honorary fellow of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and a board member of the Beijing Dancers Association. Wang is an internationally celebrated modern dance and contemporary ballet choreographer, and the most internationally awarded Chinese choreographer to date.

About Beijing Dance Theater

Beijing Dance Theater was founded in 2008 by choreographer Wang Yuanyuan, producer Han Jiang, and visual artist Tan Shaoyuan. Beijing Dance Theater (BDT) is the only private-owned Chinese dance company that combines contemporary ballet and modern dance. Since its foundation, BDT has been noted around the world for its unique styles and cutting-edge aesthetics, becoming a benchmark of contemporary dance. With many of its works staged in major venues around the world, the BDT has enjoyed an unmatched international reputation, and has been called one of the world's most valuable dance companies.

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