Beyond Company

Written by Guo Chenzi

Directed by Coco Zhou


October 19, 2021, 20:30

October 20, 2021, 14:30

October 20, 2021, 20:30

WHERE: Studio Theatre of the Grand Theatre

Duration: 130 minutes

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles


It is not only a revisitation of the course of the protagonist's life—it also allows every audience member who comes close to the theater to reunite with the city, to look back on the present from history, and to see history in the present.

– Tong Weijing, Wen Hui Bao

It not only makes us think about what the people behind a building are thinking, but also reminds us of the relationship between people and city, people and country. What kind of cities and countries can achieve mutually with its people?

– Zhu Guang, Xinmin Evening News

About Hudec

Taking clues from a Q&A between Hungarian-Slovak architect Hudec and an American immigration officer, this play tells of the architect's legendary, wandering life, attempting to convey the truth that "a homeland is a land that cannot be returned to, but a strange land is always a strange land."

As a stranger in a strange land himself, Hudec designed for the posterity of that place buildings after his own cultural identity and memories. Where is the "imprecise" life behind the "precision" of his buildings? How did Hudec’s cherished memories of "home" and "love" blend with his life and career, such that even in turbulent times he built inner peace, beauty, and elegance.


Playwright: Guo Chenzi

Performance Script: Collectively created and adaptated

Director: Coco Zhou


Li Chuanying as Hudec A

Huang Fangling as Gisela A, Narrator, Soldier, Translator, Hitler, Stuart, Refugee, Reporter, Hudec’s Mother, etc.

Qinggeertu as Hudec G, Narrator, Hudec’s Father, Major, Sandor, etc.

Huang Yangyang as Hudec E, Geza, Narrator, The Border Officer, Refugee, Zhou Zuomin, etc.

Litinskaya Ekaterina as Gisela B, Hudec D, Elissa, Lenin, Narrator, The Mrs. Owner, Mrs. Wu Tongwen, Refugee, etc.

Guo Feng as Hudec C, Narrator, Commander, Russian Drunk, Storyteller, Sun Ke, Tan Lisun, Dawid, Refugee, etc.

Fancy as Hudec H, Narrator, Frank Raven, Wu Tongwen, Qian Yongming, Young Elissa, Bank Manager, Pastor, etc.

Sun Zhuonan as Hudec F, Curry, Narrator, Wang Caihong, Mrs. Wu Tongwen, Theodore, Hu Bijiang, Ambassador of Hungary, etc.

Clark Guo as Hudec B, Ho Tung, Raynor, The Mrs. Owner, Martin, Wu Dingchang, Housekeeper, Narrator, etc.

Celine as Young Leoh Ming Pei

Composer/Musician: Celine Shi

Stage Design: Lee Shen

Lighting Design: Ren Dongsheng

Lighting Engineer: Tanya Zhang

Character Design: Anty Feng

Costume Design: Oliver Xu

Assistant Costume Design: Gina Ge

Image Design: Dai Wei

Image Design Team: Fan Hongjun, Bai Yuanbing, Hao Mingxin, Niu Jia, Xiong Hanni, Hu Yuanyuan

Movement Coach: Jiang Fan

Vocal Director: Wang Zhiru

Sound Design: Hao Shuang

Sound Engineer: Nie Jing, Wang Jian

Stage Managers: Yu Weiyi, Ashlyn Yu, Yetoon Hu

Producer: Legolas Yu

Special Thanks to: Zhao Lixin

About Coco Zhou

Coco Zhou is a teacher at Shanghai Theatre Academy, and a director of theatre, musicals and film. Her theatre productions include Night, Mother; Doubt, A Parable; Scenes from a Marriage; The Pillowman; The Censors; A Simple Life. The musicals she has directed include Mom, Love Me Again, Rebirth, Dream Knight-Don Quixote. She also directed the film, Remain Silent.

About Beyond Company

Since Beyond Company was founded in 2007, the company has mainly focused on its stage productions, which have included Talk About Love and Lie, Love Letters, Scenes from a Marriage, Lovers, Everyone Looks for Faultand WitnessIt has also held the New Youth Theatre Camp, to promote the work of young artists and create a more diverse artistic and cultural life for general audiences. This company has also organized script readings, for plays such as Democracy, Doubt, The Vagina Monologues, The Goat, The Censor, and Anna in the Tropics. In the future, it will continue to strive to bring excellent theatre productions to audiences.

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