Toodles Galore and Spike

Zart Studio

Written and Directed by Yang Zhefen


World Premiere, Wuzhen Theatre Festival, October 15, 2021, 20:30

October 16, 2021, 20:30

October 17, 2021, 16:00

WHERE: Studio Theatre of the Grand Theatre

Duration: 70 minutes

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles

About Toodles Galore and Spike

"Almost all our pain comes from our inability to be alone in the room."

—Pascal (France)

The sound of rustling echoes the rustling desolation...

The monotony of every day,

The repetitions of every day.

Will life always be like this? Life is just like this…

For Tudogallo and Spike, the occasional encounter breaks the long loneliness. Through that corridor and that door, they will face a new beginning. But will it be easy to take that first step? What will be waiting for them once they have walked out?



Zhou Zhou as She

Han Shengjie as He

Lin Xuanteng as He

Chen Qi as He

Liu Jiahui/Han Bingyu/Sun Hanwen as Others

Stage Manager: Yang Yu

Set Designer: Wang Zhangying

Lighting Designer: Yuan Xi

Sound Designer: Wang Hongzhao

Composer: Chen Qi

Poster Designer: Long Mingyu

Deputy Stage Manager: Yue Tian, Wang Yue

Lighting Crew: Hu Dexiong

Sound Assistant: Wu Kunhua

Set Design Assistants: Xu Boxi, Zhang Yudi

Promotional Video Makers: Zhang Cheng, Deng Jiaqi, Zhang Songliang

Still Photographer/Videographer: Jiang Lan, Yin Yunge

Subtitle Translator: Zhou Misi

About Yang Zhefen

Yang Zhefen graduated from the Central Academy of Drama; she is an Acting Teacher at Wuhan University of Communication. Her works have been invited to festivals in China, such as the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Beijing Fringe Festival, and Hangzhou Contemporary Theatre Festival, etc. Her play Fade Away won the Best Drama Award for Emerging Theatre Artists Competition at the 5th Wuzhen Theatre Festival, and was invited to the Moscow Chekhov International Theatre Festival. She is also the writer and director of The Flowers Eaters, performed in Taiwan; the assistant director of Stan Lai's One One Zero Eight; director for the dramatic version of Big Bowl Entertainment's Hi, Mom; and executive director of Unique Henan: Land of Drama.

About Zart Studio

Zart Studio was created by the actress, director and acting teacher, Yang Zhefen. She is devoted to creating plays, film and television, and stage productions. Her many excellent stage works have won prizes in various domestic competitions. Tomorrow; Death Record; and The Tree, The Man, The Rabbit; and Sickness were invited to participate in the Outdoor Carnival Performances of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival. The work Fade Away won the Best Drama Prize in the 2017 Emerging Theatre Artists Competition at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival. Along with its invitations to several theatre festivals in China, the studio has taken part in the filming and production.

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