Young Theatre Artists Competition

The Young Theatre Artists Competition is a major component of the Wuzhen Festival. Eighteen creative groups will be chosen to come to Wuzhen to perform a newly created work on a topic designated by the Festival. The jury will consist of luminaries and masters of the art. On the final day of the Festival, the jury members will choose a Best Play, which comes with a cash prize and give a Special Prize for the Most Outstanding Artist, which comes with a cash prize.

The purpose of the competition is part of the vision of the Festival Director: to establish a platform for the development of original theatre works by promising young artists. This platform is for passionate and potential young playwrights and performers to present themselves, learn from world theatre masters, and broaden their horizons.

This year, the Young Theatre Artists Competition of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival is regretfully only open to Chinese applicants aged 35 and under or presenting their first theatrical work. In future years it is hoped the competition will be open to young theatre artists from all over the world.

With a friendly greeting, Wuzhen welcomes passionate young theatre artists and theatre enthusiasts from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Young Theatre Artists Competition is a most striking “engine” of the annual Wuzhen Festival. Many people take part in this activity to discuss love and life, various facets of their creativity, and their unique perspectives. The Young Theatre Artists Competition also gives a panel of helpful jurors a chance to share their knowledge of the theatrical arts. Audiences have come to wait expectantly for the solutions to some of the playful puzzles we propose for the participating artists. As a platform for learning, practicing, interacting and showing, this gathering flourishes, getting better every year. Being heroic does not necessarily mean being victorious, and what we really pursue is creativity and excellence, rather than coveting or claiming a prize. In fact, becoming acquainted itself is a kind of fate. The path to the art of theatre is long, and along the way we should explore the dramatic sphere in high spirits. I wish you all sweet dreams in this water town—and may this Competition be a wonderful success!”

Tian Qinxin,

Artistic Director of 5th Wuzhen Theatre Festival