BEIJING 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre

Choreographed and Directed by Zhan Li


October 21, 2021, 20:30

October 22, 2021, 20:30

October 23, 2021, 20:30

WHERE: Poetry Square

Duration: 50 minutes

Without lines and subtitles

About Fume

Fume uses a continuous floating energy and vigorous external physical movements to describe a universal emotion of all human beings – anger. Besides regarding anger as a negative emotion which brings with it impulsiveness and irrationality, have we noticed that sometimes, under certain circumstances, we keep anger within ourselves on purpose, as a motivation and even a source of courage?

"Rage, rage against the dying of the light." ——Dylan Thomas

Rage and anger somehow become a protection and an unyielding attitude that human beings require on a very deep level. The choreographer sees anger in different layers. She investigates how to express the different kinds of anger, using both intense and aggressive physical movements as well as soft or cautious movements to reflect the brutish nature of humanity both physically and psychologically.


Choreographer/Director: Zhan Li

Composer: Ran Bagno (Israel)

Cast: Tang Yupei, Han Lina, Zhao Jin, Mao Ying, He Jiajun, Zheng Yalin, Han Yu

Music Editing: Ran Bagno (Israel), Zhan Li

Lighting Design: Qi Yujie

Video/Visual Art: Fan Cong

Chief Planner: Xu Wei

Producer: Luo Xiaoying

Artistic Director: Chao Ke

About Zhan Li

Li pursued her M.F.A. degree in the Department of Modern Dance of University of Utah, USA. As a choreographer, her graduation work was selected for the final Gala concert at the 2013 American College Dance Festival Association. She received the first annual Jon Scovile/Tandy Beal Award, for her ability to think outside the box in regards to her art works. After graduation, she was selected by the Mare Nostrum Elements Emerging Choreographer series 2013 in New York. She attended the Gaga Intensive Class in New York and the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel. In 2016, she joined Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre and toured internationally with the company.

About Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre (9CDT)

Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre (9CDT) was founded in 2010. As one of the leading professional dance companies in China, 9CDT aims to express their aesthetic diversity through every creative art work—and it has created nearly 20 original art works. Since 2015, 9CDT has successfully hosted "The New" Dance Festival,with almost 40 dance companies having performed, including world-renowned companies such as Compagnie Marie Chouinard in Canada. By now, this festival has become one of the most important modern dance festivals in China. 9CDT not only explores eternal themes such as life, nature, love and death, but also encourages ideas that reflect the spirit of the time, such as technology, multimedia, installation art and interdisciplinary research. As a result, the thrill of contemporary dance grows in 9CDT, which produces original performances that have been performed both domestically and internationally.
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