Purple Star Culture & Communication Co., Ltd.

Adapted from Cao Yu

Directed by Jin Xing


October 22, 2021, 19:30

October 23, 2021, 19:30

WHERE: Wuzhen Grand Theatre

Duration: 180 minutes (including one intermission)

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles


"The sun comes out and the darkness stays behind, but the sun does not belong to us. We are going to sleep." ……Jin Xing not only plays the contrasting roles of Chen Bailu and Cuixi in the play, but also brings new ideas to Cao Yu's classic work with rich artistic means, unique contemporary stage language, and deep understanding and control of the characters in the play.

– Wang Run, Beijing Daily

In Sunrise, Jin Xing is not only the leading actress, but also the director and playwright. "I am a stage person. When it comes to the stage, my eyes are bright." As for her reason for choosing to adapt Sunrise, Jin Xing said, "This is a story that all the Chinese people know. The key is how to present and express it. The charm of the stage is that the stage is a space for creators to express themselves and communicate with the audience."

– Shi Chenlu, Shanghai Observer

About Sunrise 

 Sunrise is the second play by Cao Yu, the greatest playwright of the modern Chinese theatre. This play was first published in 1936, and aroused heated discussion in the society of that time even before it opened on the stage. The writer Ba Jin once called it "the best harvest of the New Culture Movement." Since its debut in 1937, Sunrise has not lost its charm with the passage of time; the story of Sunrise still resonates with audiences.

Sunrise, in four acts—Dawn, Dusk, Midnight and Sunrise—describes powerful feelings, of love and hatred for real life, and of eager expectation of the red sun's rise in the east.


Original Play by Cao Yu

Director: Jin Xing


Jin Xing as Chen Bailu, Cuixi

He Minghai as Fang Dasheng

Luo Xi as Pan Yueting

Liu Shuwen as The Little Girl

Liu Mu as George Zhang

Shi Yijie as Wang Fusheng

Zhou Mujie as Huang Xingsan

Zu Yongchen as Li Shiqing

Dai Ye as Mrs. Gu

Yang Zenghao as Hu Si

Li Songbai as Xiaoshunzi

Wang Jinxuan/Qie Yi as Hei San

Special Performance: Jin Xing Dance Theatre

Executive Director: Shi Yijun

Dramaturgy: Wu Min

Scenic Design: Wang Yu

Lighting Design: Wang Peng

Choreography: Wang Tao

Costume Design: Liu Jiaqian

Music Design: Wu Sida

Sound Design: Shi Ernuo

Style Design: Han Zhuoyan

Performance Manger: Yao Qi

Stage Manager: Li Yazhong

Stage Assistant/Props: Guan Honghui

Lighting Engineer: Li Hongrun

Sound Engineer: Liu Sha

Costume & Makeup Team: Sendi Modeling

Publicist: Wang Lan

Makeup Photography: Yassen Muhammad

Stage Photography: Yin Xuefeng

Scenic Production & Technology: Shanghai Shenfu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Lighting/Sound Equipment & Technology: Shanghai Jiexin Performing Arts Equipment Co., Ltd.

Presenter: Hans

General Production Executives: Lei Wen, Zhang Chaohui

General Producer: Zhou Bin

Co-productions: Purple Star Culture & Communication Co., Ltd.. Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fresh Vogur Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

About Cao Yu

Cao Yu, Playwright

Cao Yu (1910—96) is often regarded as China's most important playwright of the 20th century, who promoted the naturalistic form of modern Chinese "spoken theatre." His best-known works are Thunderstorm (1933), Sunrise (1936), Wilderness (1937) and Peking Man (1940), all pioneering works of the fledgling Chinese modern theatre, which showed influences from Ibsen and Chekhov. They received high popularity as works that portrayed the realities of modern social ills and the decay of the feudal way of Chinese life.

After the revolution, Cao Yu helped establish the Beijing People's Art Theatre in 1952, and became the Vice President of the Central Academy of Drama and the first Head of the Beijing Theatre Association. His works are often revived in new interpretations by theatre artists today.

About Jin Xing

In Jin Xing's first time directing a stage play, she surpasses herself and becomes the most anticipated "Chen Bailu." Jin Xing is famed in China as a modern dancer, with an Honorary Doctorate of Arts from Dartington College of Arts, University of Plymouth, and an Honorary Doctorate of Dance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is a Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of the French Government. She is also host of The Jin Xing Show, her TV variety talk show, and the chief judge for a number of variety shows, such as Shine! Super Brothers, China’s Got Talent Season 6, The Greatest Dancer, So You Think You Can Dance, Super Diva, U Can U BB, and Super Speaker. Her plays include Duan Wan, Awkwardness, Ambiguousness, Sylvia, The Father, and more.

About Purple Star Culture & Communication Co., Ltd.

Purple Star is a privately owned Chinese cultural agency based in Shanghai. Its activities are centered around the performing arts with a special focus on contemporary dance. The company was established in 2005 by its founder and president, Ms. Jin Xing. Since 2006, Purple Star has organized and hosted the Shanghai Dance Festival, an umbrella organization for dance-related cultural activities in Shanghai. Purple Star continuously widens its range of activities. The company acts as the executive producer of new choreographic works for Chinese dance companies and music bands. In addition, Purple Star develops itself as a service provider for commercial projects with an expansive portfolio of tailormade solutions for the performing arts. Since its foundation in 2005, Purple Star has always fulfilled its core mission in all cultural and commercial activities: to successfully build a bridge between Chinese culture and other cultures with the purpose of fostering the exchange of global artists.

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