Xiexin Dance Theatre

Choreographers: Fan Xiaoyun, Wang Qizhi, Tu-Yuchen, Ma Siyuan, Tang Ying, Shu Yaohui, Wang Shaoyu

Artistic Director: Xie Xin


October 19, 2021, 19:00

October 20, 2021, 19:00

WHERE: N Theatre

Duration: 65 minutes

Without lines and subtitles

About Reflection

The modern dance Reflection is conceived and created by seven dancers from XIEXIN DANCE THEATRE; it is their self-expression and exploration of life and existence. Reflection consists of five works. What does 23:23 mean for you? Is it a score, a time, midnight or something else? FLOW imagines itself a flowing river passing through the mountains to nourish the jungle, and moving blood supplies to the cells. 13 Frames is made out of countless "images" that will let you feel deeply its charm. YI/LEI is about two strange people others are drawn to. When the Sun Rises and the dawn breaks, can it take away the darkness—and the dark matter that can't be seen but still exists—and give off its true light?


Artistic Director: Xie Xin

Choreographers/Dancers: Fan Xiaoyun, Wang Qizhi, Ma Siyuan, Tu-Yuchen, Tang Ying, Shu Yaohui, Wang Shaoyu

Lighting Design: Zhou Yi

Lighting Operator: Li Junlong

Costume Design: Vanguard Body

Production: Xiexin Dance Theatre

Producer: Liu He

Operations Director: Liu Zhonglei

About the Artistic Director

Xie Xin is the founder and artistic director of XDT (Xiexin Dance Theater), a jury member of the "Lotus Cup" Modern Dance Competition (China's largest contemporary dance competition), Champion of 2nd Dance Smash (a popular TV reality show), Executive Director of Shanghai Dancers' Association, the guest choreographer for Hessische Staats Ballet (Wiesbaden) and BallletBoyz Dance Company (London), and Associate Artist of the Shanghai International Dance Centre Theatre. She is an artist sponsored by the China National Arts Fund (CNAF), CFLAC Foundation and the Young Artists Platform of China Dancers Association (CDA).As the first female Chinese choreographer commissioned by Aurélie Dupont, the director of Paris Opera Ballet, her work will premiere during the 2023-2024 season in Paris.

About the Choreographers

Fan Xiaoyun is the rehearsal director of Xiexin Dance Theatre. She graduated from Shanghai University of Sport. She participated in the work The Tune of Water, the immersion performances Playing and The Lady from the Sea. She starred in Devialet Phantom promo videos in 2021, and in April 2021 she was invited to choreograph "Disorder" for the clothing brand XU ZHI Fall and Winter series.

Wang Qizhi graduated from Jilin University of the Arts majoring in dance choreography. She toured Xi'an, Hong Kong, Italy and Germany with the work Form IN. She also participated in the work of the senior choreographer Zhang Jianming from the Hofesh Shechter company, Invisible Sounds.

Tu-Yuchen graduated from the University of Taipei majoring in danceology. She went to Germany, France and Croatia to perform the work Form IN. She was active in various productions and performances of modern dance from 2015 to 2019. In April 2021, she was invited to be on the XU ZHI Autumn and Winter series catwalk for the "Disordered" fashion show.

Ma Siyuan graduated from Minzu University of China. He has worked as a modern dance teacher in the Film and Television Performance Department of Beijing Music & Dance Academy. His work Firewood won the Bronze Award in the 15th Beijing Dance Competition. He won the gold medal in the Beijing Ballroom Dance Competition, the gold medal in the Handan Ballroom Dance Competition and the silver medal in the 6th Modern Dance Group of Youth Groups of Five Province in North China.

Tang Ying graduated from Sichuan Normal University. In 2020, she performed in Sheng Zhang, a short film directed by Xu Xiaowei and shown at the Chen Yujun Solo Exhibition. In April 2021, she was invited to be on the XU ZHI Autumn and Winter series catwalk for the "Disordered" fashion show.

Shu Yaohui graduated from Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, majoring in choreography. He performed in The Peony Pavilion and Sumeru Trailer. The work Da Yu won the Dance Theatre Award of China Lotus Award. In 2017, Red Boat won first prize in the National Art Festival for College Students. In 2020, he performed in Sheng Zhang, a short film directed by Xu Xiaowei.

Wang Shaoyu graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, majoring in the ballroom dance. In 2019, he went to Netherlands and took part in the NDT Summer Intensive Workshop. He won the decathlon champion of A Group (Modern Dancing and Latin Dancing) in CBDF National Ballroom Dancing Championship and took part in the national dance performance of the Latin dance, Yellow River, as the leading dancer.

About Xiexin Dance Theatre

Xiexin Dance Theatre (XDT) dedicates itself to the creation of original contemporary dance works, body (movement / connection) research and contemporary dance education. It is supported by three pillars, namely: XDT - Xiexin Dance Theatre for original works and performances, XDT- Education, and the clothing brand XDT- Vanguard bod. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has gradually become one of the driving forces behind the development of contemporary dance in China. Xiexin Dance Theatre highly values the exploration of the unique language of the body and amplifies the body connection technology, thus forming pioneering choreographic ideas in terms of its technology style. When it comes to their creations, Xie Xin's works stress the notion that dance technology will help express our emotions. Meanwhile, all the body movement possibilities aim to find the most accurate body language to present a particular piece of dance. In this way, the abstract dance works can truly connect with the audience with a distinct style of Xinxin.

Its repertoire includes From IN, Harmonic series, UNKNOWN, Obsessive, Entropy, Reflection, etc.

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