Fall and Flow

Hong Kong, China

Théâtre de la Feuille

Written by Louis Miha

Directed by Ata Wong Chun Tat


October 27, 2023, 22:30

October 28, 2023, 22:30

October 29, 2023, 14:00

WHERE: Ancient Courtyard Theatre

Duration: 60 minutes (without intermission)

Without dialogue or subtitles


One of the top shows in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023.

                                              Jonny Walfisz, Euronews

Within seconds, we're won over and they have our hearts.

                                            Kelly Apter, The Scotsman

We see not only Peter Brook's ethereal poetry, but also feel the elegant combination of Jacques Lecoq's Western physical theatre with traditional Eastern art.

Alice Bour, Zone Critique

On the stage, they use fans, kicks, tumbling, and roundabouts to dance war and kung fu in the oriental aesthetics, which provokes the audience's imagination.

Marie-Félicia Alibert, Vaucluse Matin

Ata Wong explores love, hatred, honor and shame without the use of language or theatrical scenery.

Stéphanie Nègre, Artistik Rezo

Very rhythmic scenes are interwoven with slow beats, attracting the audience's attention at all times.

Mélina Hoffmann, L'Info Tout Court

About Fall and Flow

In the muddy waters of life, aren't we all just trying to get by?

Fall and Flow uses the metaphors of a wind-blown flower or flowing water to represent the transient nature of life, which is made of many fleeting moments. In the course of our lives, we quickly create relationships with friends, lovers, and enemies, making all sorts of decisions in the blink of an eye that affect our lives... A youth walking into the river of life is forced to grow up overnight and realize that the world is not black-and-white; aside from flowing, nothing else is eternal.


Concept, Spatial Design, Story and Director: Ata Wong Chun Tat

Text and Story: Louis Miha

Cast: Leung Kwan Yiu, Han Mei, Ko Chun Kiu, Ku Pui Ki, Kung Chi Yip, Pong Chun Hang

Martial Arts: Johnny Tang

Art Direction: Stephen Fan, Calson Wong, Sin Chun Ki

Lighting Design: Jit Lam

Deputy Lighting Design: Miao Chunyu

Music Design: Kung Chi Yip

Producer: Wang Jing

Executive Producer: Sharon Chan

Production Administrator/English Translation: Dawna Fung  

The director's participation in this production is made possible with the permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

About Ata Wong Chun Tat

As a director, choreographer, actor, physical acting coach and theatre instructor, Ata Wong Chun Tat won the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Young Artists (Drama) in 2017, and received the award for Outstanding Performance in Promoting Arts and Culture from the Secretary for Home Affairs' Commendation Scheme in 2019. He was the recipient of the Asian Cultural Society's Altius Fellowship in 2021, which allowed him to conduct a 6-month individual fellowship in Japan to study traditional and contemporary art forms. He was Artist-in-Residence at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (School of Drama) (2021-2022). He is currently a full-time lecturer of Physical Narrative / Musical Theatre at the School of Drama, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Wong founded Théâtre de la Feuille in 2010 and has served as its director and artistic director since then.This is his third production at Wuzhen.

About Théâtre de la Feuille

Founded in 2010 in Paris, Théâtre de la Feuille is currently based in Hong Kong. Feuille's performers come from diverse backgrounds; they diligently polish their craft by receiving regular training devised by the company. Feuille has grown as a team that is collectively fluent in self-expression and abundant in creative energy.

The artistic approach of the company is to blend elements East-and-West, where the Western pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq interweaves with the traditional arts of the East. Its recent works include What You See is Not You, #1314, The Lost Adults, Mad Man, Papa, and L'Orphelin. The company has undertaken 200 overseas tours, performing in over 80 locations, including the United States, France, Italy, Croatia, Japan, South Korea, and China.

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