Damai Mailive, Drum Tower West Theatre, New Era Group

Written and Directed by Zhang Hui


October 21, 2021, 14:00

October 22, 2021, 14:00

October 23, 2021, 14:00

WHERE: Ancient Courtyard Theatre

Duration: 100 minutes

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles

About Stuck

A woman and a man are isolated in the same place, the woman repeatedly chasing a time in the past…

A thief says he could never in his life work for anyone else…

A machine tracks every detail of the lives of anyone present in the last 14 days—including what they think…

These three stories are balanced and juxtaposed like ingredients in a salad, with a little simple seasoning—but as with many things in life that go unspoken, it would be hard for any of them to become the main course.

This may be a play about being "trapped", but where it lands must depend on the personal thinking and active viewing of each individual in the audience.


Playwright/Director: Zhang Hui


Chen Yadi as The Woman, Journalist and The Woman

Zhang Yiman as The Man and The Man

Jiang Qiming as Aqi and AI

Stage Design: Xu Yiming

Lighting Design: Xu Yin

Multimedia Design: Li Jufei

Music Design: Zhao Lijie

Style Design: Meng Siyu

Stage Managers: Zhou Yajing, He Yucheng

Stage Production: Song Haijun

Costume Production: Yuan Jun

Lighting Operator: Yao Qi

Audio Operator: Zhao Lijie

Multimedia Operator: Zhang Sijia

Makeup Executive: Meng Siyu

Exterior Shooting: Qu Zhaoheng

Exterior Shooting and Editing: Ni Haofeng

English Translator: Li Xueying

Multimedia Technician: Ai Lei

Presenters: Li Jie, Li Yangduo, Chen Long

Chief Planner: Chen Xiaohua

Chief Supervisor: You Jia

Supervisor: Li Jing

Producers: Zhao Lin, Roy Cui

Executive Producer: Zhou Yajing

Marketing Supervisor: Dai Linyan

Marketing Coordinator: Jiang Ou

Publicity Coordinators: Tian Fangyuan, Deng Bei

Creative/Derivative Design: Gu Yue, Sun Jing

Photograph and Video: Tasu, Shiliu, Haidianlanwei

Legal Management: Zhang Ying, Wang Yike, Liu Shuman

Financial Management: Meng Jun, Zhou Xiaopan, Lai Defang, Lu Jiayi

Production Assistant: Luo Qiling

Special thanks to Wang Ruipu, Jiang Jian and Luo Jiang.

Presented by Damai Mailive, Drum Tower West Theatre, New Era

Presented by Damai Mailive, Drum Tower West Theatre, New Era Group

Produced by Damai Mailive

Operational/Production Support: Drum Tower West Theatre

Makeup Photography Support: Little Elephant House

About Zhang Hui

Zhang Hui is a freelance playwright and director, and holds a Ph.D. in Directing from the Central Academy of Drama. Her major works include Betrayal, Butterflies Are Free, I Am a Moon, Alley Cat King of the Stadium, Evolutionism, The Affair of "An Enemy of the People", and more.

About Damai Mailive, Drum Tower West Theatre, Suzhou New Era Group

Damai Mailive, a brand of Alibaba Damai, focuses on quality theater production. It helps to produce a number of kinds of quality content and attracts more audiences to theaters through investment, planning, operation, and other ways as well.

Drum Tower West Theatre is a new icon in the third generation of "small" or little theatre in China, and a landmark of Beijing theatre at the same time. Looking back, DTWT has spent seven years working hard to produce theatre of excellence and build their own theatre art "brand." DTWT started with plays for little theate, but they always took steps to create grander theatre productions, such as The Pillowman, An Inspector Calls and One Sentence Worth Ten Thousand, all of which have earned outstanding reputations.

Suzhou New Era Group, taking as its corporate vision "the creation of a first-rate nationwide integrated oprations business," has established itself in the fields of culture, sport, MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention & Exhibition), business, and tourism. The group is considered a leader for the richness and capacity of its operations, as well as for its distinctive modes of business.

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