Specially Invited Plays
 From Morning to Midnight


Snake & Rabbit Co.

Directed by Chen Minghao

Written by Georg Kaiser


1st Nov. 2019, 01:30 AM

2nd Nov. 2019, 01:30 AM

3rd Nov. 2019, 01:30 AM

WHERE: Exhibition Hall 3

Duration: 290 minutes (with intermission)

Performed in Chinese, with Chinese and English subtitles

About From Morning to Midnight

It was a unique night, when the earth was covered with a black veil, fragments of the dream are spreading wantonly. Human beings, who are not calm in heart, are looking for the spiritual Utopia between emptiness and reality. Whether the manic heart will be melted by the first ray of sunshine in the morning.

This dramatic production which is inspired by the German expressionist drama representative Georg Kaiser's From Early Morning to Midnight, will turn Wuzhen Exhibition Hall 3 into a laboratory for behavior and devices. What will happen from midnight to early morning in a vast space that is also true and illusory?


Director: Chen Minghao

In conceptional and dramaturgical cooperation with: Sebastian Kaiser

Supervising Producer: Liu Chang

Dramaturg: Cao Kefei

Producer: Jiang Jiang

Executive Producer: Ji Kexin, Wang Aijing

Director Assistant: Li Huayi

Stage Design: Hu Yanjun

Lighting Design: Wang Qi

Lighting Engineer: Xu Hao

Sound Designer: Fu Kang

Music Director: Zeng Yu

Sound: Zhang Xinnan, Yu Fei

Sound Technical Support: Li Xiang

Video Director: Zheng Xiangna

Videographer: Zheng Xiangna, Wang Zhexi

Video Designer: Ma Yue

Video Technical Support: Gao Yanping

Style Design: Yu Lei

Stage Manager: Liu Xinli, Jia Yuying

Multimedia Technician:Shu Yong

Performers: Zhao Xiaosu, Mao Xuewen, Sun Yucheng, Zhang Zhuokai,

  Zhang Zhiming, Wei Xi, Zhang Juncheng, Liu Hongfei,

  Han Jing, Chen Lin, Zhang Hongyu, Tian Yu, Sun Zhaokun,

  Li Xiaolong, Jiang Liangxi, Mao Yu, Tian Zhiheng,

  Yan Luning, Wang Junlei, Zeng Lulu, Gu Yutong,

  Wang Yan, Wang Xinyue, Sun Xiaoman,

  Liu Xiaowei, Jiao Qiyao, Xi Yu, Li Bingqing, Xu Xihan

Special Performers: Soul Speak, Yang Jima, Zhang Di, Gao Yufeng, Wu Lei

Vision Artist: Tami-musiXgal

Art Support: China Academy of Art, College of Sculpture and Public Art, Faculty of Public Space Art

The show marks furthermore the first cooperation between the Chinese director and actor Chen Minghao with the German dramatist Sebastian Kaiser, (after their first encounter in the project Teahouse - initiated and staged by Meng Jinghui).

About Chen Minghao

Chen Minghao is both an actor and director at the National Theatre Company of China, and the Artistic Director of Snake & Rabbit Co.. He graduated from the Department of Performing Arts of the Central Academy of Drama (Beijing) in 2000. He has a Master Degree of Fine Arts (M.F.A.), and is one of the first M.F.A. graduates of Peking University.

Chen Minghao’s creation attaches great importance to acting as the vitality of theatre. With his whimsical style, diverse and intense presentation, Chen has been an active participant in Chinese contemporary theatre. His major acting credits include: Teahouse, The Seventeenth Black Poplar, The Bedbug, Head Without a Tail, Amber, Labyrinth, The Magic Mountain, An Exotic Encounter, Stockholm Adventure, The Master Builder, Those Stories of the Ming Dynasty, Four Generations, Galileo, Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land, Jack the Ripper, Eurydice, Red and Four Dreams of Linchuan. Major directing credits include Ants No Problem, Barbamama, Big D and Karaoke Pig.

In addition, the pioneering Avant-grade play Two Dogs, in which Chen has starred, has had more than 2,000 performances all over the globe, and has won the Southern Weekly Award for Best Play of the Year and the Fashion Oscar Award. To Shakespeare’s birth. He starred in the short film The Adventure of Old Men, which won the Best Acting Award at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival. He also created and performed in a piece for the Opening of the Contemporary Arts Exhibition for the Sino-German Cultural Year in Kassel, Germany. Barbamama, a play he directed, has won the Best Play Award at the First Wuzhen Theatre Festival. In July 2019, the Teahouse starring Chen Minghao was invited to participate in the IN unit of the 73rd French Avignon Theatre Festival. This is the first time in 73 years that the festival has invited Chinese mainland dramas.

About Snake & Rabbit Co.

Snake & Rabbit Co., founded by Chen Minghao, the well-known stage actor and director, and Mei Ting, a leading Chinese actress, is an independent theatre company that creates and produces stage plays.

Chen Minghao, as the Artistic Director of Snake & Rabbit Co., is dedicated to exploring new theatrical expressions, while challenging and guiding Chinese audiences to develop a new habit of appreciating theatre.

Snake & Rabbit Co., is committed to breaking the conventional mode of creating theatre that centers on individuals. Through creating original plays and introducing high quality contemporary theatre plays from Europe and the U.S., it works with talented artists and groups in the hope of jointly developing a completely new mode of creating Chinese theatre.