Specially Invited Plays
 The Unnamed

Taiwan, China


Directed by Fu Hong-zheng

Written by Daniel Wang


October 29, 2019, 21:00

October 30, 2019, 18:00

October 31, 2019, 14:00

WHERE: Portal Hall

Duration: 100 minutes (without intermission)

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles


The Unnamed depicts the state of almost every one of us in modern times. A state that is like a vortex in which we are all drowning and from which it is hard to escape. This is a mirror that we must look into, and it is necessary to let this theater piece reflect our defeats, embarrassments, and helplessness, to contemplate a way out of our troubled state.

  – Guo Lixin, Cultural Commentator

About The Unnamed

Related to a suicide attempt, nine characters are woven into one social web. Their names are unknown to the audience, and they are only addressed by titles indicating their interpersonal relationships. The Unnamed features the online anonymity phenomenon with a focus on excessive Internet use, from which stems a collage of alienated individuals who struggle to grasp interpersonal relationships outside of cyberspace. The Chinese title, literally meaning "sick account," comes from the Japanese Internet culture. It indicates the netizens who use pseudonyms, especially for emotional "venting." Developed through collaboration with the actors, with physical movement as their base, The Unnamed very much resonates with netspeak in its amusing dialogue, and with offbeat social interactions in its choreography.



Director: Fu Hong-zheng

Playwright: Daniel Wang

Choreographer: Tung I-fen


  Lee Ming-che – Drunk Man

  Lin Zi-heng – Big Brother

  Jasmine Wang – Wife

  Daniel Wang – Colleague

  Pao Yi-an – Younger Brother

  Hung Chien-tsang – Nurse

  Shih Hsuen-huei – Counseling Psychologist

  April Liu – Girlfriend

  Sherry R. Peng – Younger Sister

Scenic Design: Liu Dar-lurn

Lighting Design: Wong Choo Yean

Music Design: Lin Kuei-ju

Costume & Makeup Design: Lin Heng-cheng

Graphic Design: CK Chiwai Cheang

Still Photographer: Tang Chien-che

Performance Videographer: Chen Kuan-yu

Stage Manager: Hsieh Cheng-ta

Assistant Director: Tan Yu-chaio

About Fu Hong-zheng

Fu Hong-zheng established M.O.V.E. Theatre in 2006. Currently teaching in the Department of Chinese Drama at Chinese Culture University, and the Department of Drama and Theatre at National Taiwan University. He had joined the Zen-Tze Theatre Laboratory, where he received the acting training method evolved from Grotowski’s system under the guidance of Chen Wei-Chen and Huang Cheng-Huang – which became the foundation of his physical theatre aesthetic. Later, he studied in the Graduate Institute of Theatre Performance at Taipei National University of the Arts with a specialization in directing under the guidance of Stan Lai, and worked at Off Performance Workshop as a resident director. Fu Hong-zheng’s works feature a poetic physical landscape, multi-perspective collage narrative, condensed theatre language, and multiple metaphors of space, through which he creates a theatre of intensity integrated with surrealistic visuality and musicality. The themes of his works include contemporary history, myth, cultural and social issues.Fu is particularly talented at evoking performers’ and viewers’ inner psychological states through theatre, demonstrating his profound contemplation of humanity through his unique theatre aesthetic.


As an artistic platform to explore the aesthetics of physical theatre through movement, observation, and experiment, M.O.V.E. THEATRE was established by artistic director/director Fu Hong-zheng in the winter of 2006. It gathered artists from various disciplines, including theatre, music and dance. The practice of “Total Theater” is its artistic vision. The sharing of creative ideas is elaborated on and transformed into the mutual gaze between performers and audiences. Its works feature a poetic theatrical vocabulary to reveal and to explore the spiritual landscape of modern people, while its subjects cover literature, myth, history, society, etc., including interdisciplinary experimental projects with contemporary artists. Since its establishment, M.O.V.E. THEATRE has presented more than thirty theatre works and has been invited to perform at many international venues, testament to its impressive creativity and artistic achievement.