Specially Invited Plays
 Angel Flying


Directed by Zhang Ziqi & Liao Shuyi

Written by Li Yige


31st Oct. 2019, 14:00

1 st Nov. 2019, 14:00

2nd Nov. 2019, 14:00

3rd Nov. 2019, 14:00

WHERE: East Warehouse Theatre

Duration: 90 minutes (without intermission)

Performed in Chinese, with Chinese and English subtitles

About Angel Flying

How does an unborn baby learn to lie?

How does a lonely woman complain about more than half of her life?

How does a balloon at a dance pierce the appearance of a person?

How do a group of angels without tongues open the gates of dreams?

If you look at the drama with a magnifying glass, you will find that it is actually a human world that has been expanded several times. Its words come from a gleaming cycle of desire. The baby in the story seems to be sitting on a carousel about love and desire. The baby in the story seems to be sitting on a carousel of love and desire, with insight into human behavior, relationships and life.

When people wake up from their dreams, things will always look like they should. Children no longer believe in dreams and wings, adults no longer look for dances and magic, only the angel hang in the sky alone, remembering one day, people will remember that it is still flashing here, the air is still shaking and meteors will re-light the world.


Director: Zhang Ziqi & Liao shuyi

Screenwriter & Dramaturgy: Li Yige

Composer & Live Band: AEM (Long Fei, Luka)

Performaners: Wang Ying, Peng Lou, Liu Yanan, Wei Jia, Zhang Han, Sun Rongjing,

Han Xu, Wang Yunhan, Wang Shuhao, Wang Yusheng

About Zhang Ziqi & Liao Shuyi

Zhang Ziqi

Young director, actor. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.

In her works, she has extensively revealed her outstanding creative abilities in dance, singing and composition. Her dramas include: Mermaid in the Backwater, Metamorphosis of Butterfly, MicroSex Office, Rhinoceros in Love, Labyrinth, The Magic Mountain, An Exotic Encounter and so on. The dramas she directed include: Mad Man, Stolen Heart and so on.


Liao Shuyi

Theatre director, performer, "Beijing Contact Improvisation" BJCI / "Touch Contact Improvisation Art Festival" co-founder.

After graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, Liao Shuyi obtained a Master of Arts degree from Queensland University of Technology. Enthusiastic about movement research, her experience of Contact Improvisation is applied to performances, performer training, theatre directing, and community communication.

As a theatre performer, her main works include Orphan 2.0 (Theatre de la Feuille), Gazebo (Gong Zhonghui’s dance theatre work), A Short Long (Fei-Tong Theatre).

As a theatre director,her main works include: Still Here, Miss Understanding; She also collaborates as a choreographer in an immersive theatre work Stolen heart (Meng Jinghui Theatre Studio).