Makuyeika: Theatre Collective

Directed and written by Héctor Flores Komatsu


20th Oct. 2018, 23:00

21st Oct. 2018, 23:00

22nd Oct. 2018, 23:00

23rd Oct. 2018, 23:00

24th Oct. 2018, 23:00

WHERE: West Warehouse Theatre 

Duration: 80 minutes (without intermission)

Performed in Spanish, with Chinese and English subtitles 


A beautiful, strong, and introspective journey… Represents, in all their complexity, our origins. […] A theatrical and musical gem.

— Enrique Saavedra, Time Out Mexico

About Andares

Andares is a theatre creation about the lives of indigenous youth in México, devised collectively through personal anecdotes, ancestral myths, as well as traditional music and art forms. The play shines light on a range of realities – land usurpation, widespread violence, ancestral duties, community resistance, et al. – that indigenous people face today at the crossroads of modern life and tradition. Meaning “pathways,” Andares is a genuine, eye-opening, and intimate close-up on Mexico’s most remote corners and the extraordinary stories of its humble, everyday inhabitants.  

About Héctor Flores Komatsu

Héctor Flores Komatsu is an international theatre artist working primarily in Mexico and the United States, and recurrently in the countries of France and Brazil. Founder and artistic director of the Makuyeika: Theatre Collective project was born after a year-long exploration of Mexico conducted as an inaugural member of the Julie Taymor World Theatre Fellowship. HFK has worked with Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne as their apprentice on Battlefield, as an actor on the world tour of The Valley of Astonishment (part of Wuzhen 2015), and as translator and co-director in the upcoming Spanish-language premiere of The Suit. Héctor received his BFA in Theatre Performance (Directing) from the University of Michigan. Directing highlights: Sotto Voce, Chinglish, The Motherfucker with the Hat, In the Heights. Upcoming works: The Game, or the perpetual rematch, a stage adaptation of the ancient Mayan epic of The Popol Vuh.


Director: Héctor Flores Komatsu

Production Coordinator and Designer: Jesus Giles

Performers: Josué Maychi, Alexis Orozco, Lupe de la Cruz

Musician: Kevin Elí Leyva

About Makuyeika: Theatre Collective


A theatre ensemble dedicated to creating original works about the narratives and theatricalities of Mexico’s indigenous people, touching with keen, artistic sensibility themes of great social, cultural, and human value.

Meaning “wayfarer” in the language of the Wixarika people, Makuyeika was formed after an extensive search across the country’s indigenous communities, a project undertaken by our director as an inaugural recipient of The Julie Taymor World Theatre Fellowship.