Still Barking

Inside-Out Theatre

Written by Hu Xuanyi

Directed by Yang Ting


October 15, 2021, 20:30

October 16, 2021, 16:00

October 17, 2021, 14:00

WHERE: N Theatre

Duration: 90 minutes

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles


A young playwright, a mature director, and experienced performers. Tonight, I didn't expect that Yang Ting, her team and Yue Hong's grace would impress me again. The first production by Inside-Out Theatre at the Tech-Art Festival is shocking.

– Ke Lan, Social Media

Still Barking asks: how should a life continue after it's been dropped in a black hole?

The drama Still Barking from Inside-Out Theatre is unexpectedly wonderful. It's just like watching a rock and roll version of the infernally hellish journey to Saturn in 8th house. At the same time, the stage design is first class, and the performers' acting is just right, with explosive body language and expressively delivered lines. Very appealing.

– Lei Xiaoyu, Social Media

About Still Barking

Still Barking is a contemporary play commissioned for the Tech-Art Festival of Inside-Out Theatre. It asks: When children install cameras to keep an eye on an elderly mother who lives alone, is it a caring gesture or just surveillance? Does a frame of a video capture an elderly person’s performance for the camera, or reveal their true emotions? Can technology resolve the loneliness and anxieties of the elderly, or not?

Using a distinctly Chinese and contemporary interpretation to scrutinize technology’s role in our lives, Still Barking observes, through the camera’s perspective, how the gulfs of separation caused by media technology result in care and loneliness, lock-ins and break-outs.


Playwright: Hu Xuanyi

Director: Yang Ting


Yue Hong as Old Woman

Li Yunjia as Old Man

Wang Yao as Camera, Thief

Yang Xue as The Second Daughter

Zhang Zhiqiang as Eldest Son

Zhang Xuewen as The Second Son

Wang Linshan as Girlfriend, Granddaughter

Video Design: Tan Yingjie (2019), Chenxurenren (2021)

Set/Lighting Design: Wang Qi

Music Design: Luka Li

Stage Manager: Wang Yuxiang

Producer: Pan Yi

About Yang Ting

Yang Ting is one of the most talented young directors in China today. She has impressed her audiences with both her directing and her acting. Her works are infused with an originality borne of her mastery of acting techniques and thorough understanding of stage aesthetics, and have thus achieved great success.

In addition to her own productions, she has also acted in Rhinoceros in Love (directed by Meng Jinghui), Total Woman (dir. Stan Lai), Don Quixote (dir. Meng Jinghui), He Doesn't Have Two Wives (dir. Ismene Ting), The Latest Ideas About Where Love Leads (dir. Meng Jinghui), The First Intimate Contact (dir. Ren Ming), The Bedbug (dir. Meng Jinghui), and Bootleg Faust (dir. Meng Jinghui).

Her major directing works include The Bride; Oh, Mama!; Anna, My Sister; Jack the Ripper (performed at the 2014 Wuzhen Theater Festival); Loot; The Outsider; Meet Cumus; Still Barking; Le Malentendu, and Omnipotent Robot.

About Inside-Out Theatre

Inside-Out Theatre has been committed to providing audiences with outstanding, diverse, cutting-edge content and a space for artistic exchange. At the same time, it produces stage works combining the artistic and the social, supporting the creativity of domestic youth, inviting high-quality productions from home and abroad, and since 2018, independently planning the Science and Tec-Arts Festival, screenings, and other events.

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