The Wuzhen Theatre Festival is dedicating to offering unparalleled performances, encouraging and helping young artists to realize their theatre dreams, building a platform that advances communication between China and foreign countries, promoting the development and prosperity of the theatre arts, and holding grand cultural celebrations in Wuzhen, a scenic Chinese water town with a thousand years of history.

The success of the 2013 Inaugural Wuzhen Theatre Festival is just a beginning. To successfully hold a festival on this scale is the fruit of much effort, but we must work harder. In addition, your support is extremely important for us.

There are various ways to contribute--both directly through financial support and sponsorship of festival related items, or by joining the festival’s volunteer team. Moreover, we welcome your advice and suggestions. Even sharing the Festival’s information on social media will do us a great favor.

We are the Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee, and we are still young. This is a journey full of excitement. Let us build the dream together. Your support is important to all theatergoers.

For more information, please contact us via email or telephone.

Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee      

TEL :+86 573 88732588

Wuzhen Theatre Festival Collaborating Center

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