About Culture Wuzhen Company Limited

Culture Wuzhen Co., Ltd. was established in February 2013; it is the organizer of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival.

Culture Wuzhen is rooted in the ancient rhythms of the south of the Yangtze River, promoting its rich cultural inheritance, spreading the essence of traditional Chinese arts and culture. The company's mission is to become a major stimulus of  international performing arts, an agent for popularizing arts education, an active platform for Chinese and foreign cultural exchange, and an important base for cultural and creative industries. At the same time, Culture Wuzhen is working toward a cultural renaissance based specifically in the rich cultural resources of the Wuzhen scenic district, with the vision of cultivating local talent and refining the public's sense of aesthetics, and the goal of creating a truly distinctive, Chinese cultural town.

In 2013, Culture Wuzhen inaugurated the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, now celebrated in countries around the world, reimagining Wuzhen from a scenic resort town into a cultural destination. The Festival is held annually, with four parts: Specially Invited Plays, Emerging Artists' Competition, Ancient Town Carnival, and the Wuzhen Dialogues at its core. It has become the most prestigious theatre festival in China. At the same time, the two successful Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibitions brought together the most cutting-edge trends in world art. The Wuzhen International Future Visual Art Project will help discover more visual art talent for China, and together with the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, will contribute to the ancient town's cultural prosperity and revival.

On the road to the renaissance of the future, Culture Wuzhen will continue to launch art performances and cultural exchange projects of excellence, and become a solid force in the emerging and flourishing cultural performance field.

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