Beijing Modern Dance Company

Choreographed and Directed by Gao Yanjinzi


October 27, 2023, 22:30

October 28, 2023, 22:30

October 29, 2023, 13:30

WHERE: Exhibition Hall 5

Duration: 95 minutes (without intermission)

Without dialogue or subtitles


At a certain moment, it made me realize the beauty of being undifferentiated is also the greatest delight. I was struck by the powerful life force radiating from the dancers.

Tan Weiwei

This modern dance performance is like a mirror; the dancers lead the audience to see their own feelings about life.

Yan Bingyan

I heard the sound of the dancers hitting the ground at close range, and the tangle and struggle made us feel their pain, which is also the pain of all beings.

Geng Le

"Shock" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel... It’s the first time I marveled so deeply from the bottom of my heart that the human body can be so beautiful; I felt the power and great potential of life!

Lv Xingchen

Dancers flexibly move their bodies, sometimes rigid, sometimes enchanting. Something especially real touched me.

Tian Yuan

It resembles a mirror, reflecting the audiences’ heart, allowing me to regain the long-lost sensation of being moved.

Yao Chen

A feast of art! The whole universe is watching them dance! I could see the blood and sinew of the dancers trying to break free of their physical frames.

Liu Suola

About Offering

Offering is the creation of a dance drama for the commission of the Dutch International Dance Festival. It is the director's perception of the inner spiritual world, starting with loving care for life and recognizing life in the larger universe. The work employs different characteristics of water—water as Source, as Swell, Float, Swirl, Soak, Rise and Dissolve. Water is formless, can be deformed, better than tangible. It's a property of water. It seems to be a process of development of everything in the world, for example, people. People alone "come" to the world, "Swell" in the world, "Swirl" in various social activities, "Soak" into their own and others thinking, "Rise" full of their own energy, "Dissolve" in the coexistence of emotions, at last "return" to the real self. A person's maturity and success need to start from scratch, like the process of a mature butterfly's evolution from pupa. These are the characteristics of water, of the growth of a human being, and of the transforming process of the Beijing Modern Dance Company.


Choreographer/Director: Gao Yanjinzi

Cast: Xiao Fuchun, Zeng Jin, Cao Aodiwen, Wang Kan, Liu Yang, He Faxing, etc.

Stage Supervisor: Liu Xinglin

Sound Consultants: Du Wei, Liao Jiawei

Sound Supervisors: Guo Sida, Gao Chong

Lighting Design: Xing Xin, Li Xin

Technical Director: Li Xin

Media Design: Hu Tianji

Stage Supervisor: Liu Hengcheng

Costume Design/Styling: Zhong Jiani

About Gao Yanjinzi

Gao Yanjinzi is Artistic Director of the Beijing Modern Dance Company, juror for the China Lotus Cup Dance Competition, the CCTV TV Dance Competition, the Seoul International Dance Competition and the Taoli Cup Junior Dance Competition, recipient of the Grand Prize at the Belarus International Choreography Competition. She is a Chinese modern dance artist who has been invited by the most important international art festivals, such as Berlin Art Festival, Venice Biennale, Dutch Dance Festival and Pina Bausch Dance Festival. This is her second production at Wuzhen.

About Beijing Modern Dance Company

Founded on December 7, 1995, the Beijing Modern and Contemporary Dance Company aims to promote the development of local arts, regarding its mission as creating contemporary works on a foundation of respecting and continuing traditional culture,

Over nearly thirty years, the company has created nearly 100 outstanding works. Oath (Midnight Rain), Offering, Spring Festival, Blooming of Time, have all been widely praised by experts and critics at home and abroad.

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