El fondo un campo de nieve.



Written and Directed by Elbow-joint Bloom


October 27, 2023, 21:00

October 28, 2023, 13:30

October 29, 2023, 13:30

WHERE: East Warehouse Theatre

Duration: 110 minutes (without intermission)

Performed in Chinese, with English subtitles


The theater needs a lot of "non-standard" Van Goghs, and Elbow-joint Bloom is one of them.

Xiong Yuanwei, director, artist and theater educator

This is a theatrical poem. We use written language to write poems, but poems can also be written inside the theatre. When many words are not included in the dictionary, the meanings are particularly rich and fragmented. Under these ambiguous circumstances, the play maintains many of the living elements of theatre, dance, and contemporary performance, while crystallising them into the language of the dictionary, a text that can be studied and appreciated in other contexts.

Zhang Xian, playwright and theater director

The topics dealt with in the play, such as feminism and the gaze of the other, also reflect the plight of women and teenagers in our society today...It is commendable that the creator did not indulge in showing the scars of the past, but built an ideal for the future on the ruins of the past.

Guangdong Arts

About El fondo un campo de nieve.

El fondo un campo de nieve. is a complex experimental theater work that stirs poetic sentiment and imagination, allowing echoes of thought to collide with individual life in the theater. In the theatrical space of El fondo un campo de nieve., all the artistic elements are dedicated to bringing the discourse of the world itself to a poetic form and reflective level; in the deterritorialized space of the theatre, all aesthetic symbols will collide freely. In this work, the creator faces the pain directly, using oral history as her research method; the theater is used to express the trauma brought by the environment she grew up in, by sexual violence experienced during childhood, by extreme experiences of oppression by the power structure; as well as to express the struggle between self-esteem and inferiority, between reality and ideals, and those other lives, the commonplace, wandering, veiled, and imagined ones. The work further insists on portraying the image of the self using an eerie overlap between fact and fiction, inside the theater, together with all the audience, using the individual's genuine and fragile tears to violate universally hidden secret illusions that make up the unacknowledged core on which our lives depend.


Playwright/Director: Elbow-joint Bloom

Cast: Ye Ning

Assistant Director/Technical Director: Cao Yizun

Stage Design: Zhu Ziyan

Figure Design: Zhang Jingyi

Music Design: Liu Junyi

Lighting Design: Xue Ziwen, Zhang Yao

Sound Design: Park Kin-woong

Digital Media Art Design: Feng Zhendong, Zhang Zhaoran

Theatre Composition/Installation Design: Zhang Zhaoran

Stage Managers: Li Qianyu, Cai Peijian, Kang Naiyu, Zhao Jinghan, Yan Jiaqi

Supervisor/Presenter: Wei Jiayi

Producer: Swibink Zhou

Executive Producer: Shi Yuting

Publicity Visualization: Feng Zhendong, Zhang Kaini, Zhang Zhaoran

Special Support: Artplus, Aimless Theatre Company

About Elbow-joint Bloom

Elbow-joint Bloom is a theater director, actor, currently wandering in the wasteland of idealism, studied at China Academy of Art majoring in Digital Interactive Art, and also holds an MFA in Directing from the Shanghai Theater Academy. She has participated in Hangzhou International Theater Festival, Beijing Youth Theater Festival, Wuzhen Theater Festival and more. Her work is concerned with the terminated parts of the power structure and all the deviant human emotions as well as conceivable contingencies. She is committed to ethical theater creation and untimely contemplation, and will continue to be...This is her second production at Wuzhen.

About HaoXi

HaoXi is the leading a theatre organization established in Shanghai in 2014 by Wei Jiayi with its emphasis on original theatrical production and its media dissemination. It has produced stage plays such as Frankenstein: The Dream of Ice and Fire, The Last Story About a Dynasty, Do You Want Some Ice-cream, and Have You Seen the Penguin. It also pioneered the launch of the first high-definition "drama video" in China, Writing in Water, directed by Stan Lai and starring He Jiong.

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