All Wuzhen's a Stage during the Wuzhen Theatre Festival! Aside from the international giants of the world stage who will grace the riverbanks, a nonstop carnival will be ongoing in the narrow streets and small plazas of the old town. Performance artists from all over the world will perform you in thousands of performances, including street theatre, music, contemporary performance art, traditional Chinese opera and juggling, and many others. Come face to face with the vitality of the Carnival amid the ambience of Wuzhen's ancient walkways!

During the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, hundreds of Outdoor Carnival groups from all over the world, like flowers in bloom, add splendor to the ancient town. Dazzling street performances amaze and delight visitors. The Outdoor Carnival is the most vibrant and joyful blossom of Wuzhen.

Nai-Chu Ding

Executive Director of Wuzhen Theatre Festival

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