Directed by Chiharu Shinoda


25th Oct. 2018, 21:00

26th Oct. 2018, 21:00

27th Oct. 2018, 15:00/21:30

28th Oct. 2018, 15:00

WHERE: Portal Hall

Duration: 75 minutes (without intermission)

Performed in Japanese, with Chinese and English subtitles


The spectators cannot choose just to safely observe. Heading home with my tag still on my wrist, this piece left me with a strange aftereffect.

— Noriko Ishimizu, Shift Japan

About ZOO

The audience has assembled to witness the strangest animal, the Human Being. One Human Being is in a cage, strapped into a VR headset. Two more Human Beings are guides, leading the audience through the exhibition. The performance begins with an explanation of the human body, and then the guides introduce one aspect of humanity after another: there are humans in motion, humans mimicking other humans, and humans that communicate. As this takes place, the border breaks down between the human observers and the humans being observed.

About Chiharu Shinoda

Theater director, writer and event organizer. Born in Tokyo in 1982. Shinoda started her career with FAIFAI, which was founded in 2004 by students of the same faculty of Tama Art University. She took a major role in the group, directing, scriptwriting, and organizing events. The company has received invitations from both Japanese and overseas festivals and theaters. Since 2012, Shinoda has been based in Bangkok as an independent artist. She was a Saison Foundation Junior Fellow for the 2016-17 fiscal year.


Original text: Manuela Infante

Director: Chiharu Shinoda

Dramaturge, translation, English subtitles: Kako Kishimoto

Technical Director: Yutaka Endo (Luftzug) / Raku Nakahara (Luftzug)

Art director: Kazuki Takakura (Hanchu-Yuei)

VR director: God Scorpion (Psychic VR Lab)

Sound: Bunsho Nishikawa, Ryo Yoshida

Lighting: Ryoya Fudetani, Go Ueda

Cast: Koji Yamazaki (FAIFAI) - A

Rie Usui (Momonga Complex) - B

Yamuna Bambi Valenta – C

Yasushi Takeda – Sarumuko

Collaborator: Kan Fukuhara (Hanchu-Yuei), Mika Masuda


Sponsored by HTC VIVE.

Production Manager: Kanako Yamamoto