Come to Wuzhen
Specially Invited Plays
Cornerstones — a selection from the world's great groups
  • 19.14
  • Dancer in the Dark
  • 北国の春 (Springtime in the North)
  • Jeden Gest (One Gesture)
When the Classics Awaken — famed artists at play with the Classics
  • Teahouse
  • Aşteptându-l pe Godot (Waiting for Godot)
  • The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
  • The Cherry Orchard
  • As You Like it
  • Wind, Sand and Stars
The Experiment of the Experiment — seminal groups from the world's experimental theatre
  • Experimental Actors Studio
  • Animal Magnetism
  • The Living Room
  • 500 Meters: Kafka, the Great Wall or Images from the Unreal World and Daily Heroism
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Constellations
Youth Utopia — bringing back award winners from past competition — and more!
  • 1st LOVE
  • 1st KISS
  • Andares
Theatrical Metamorphoses — the cutting edge of new modes of theatrical expression
  • Théorie des Prodiges (Theory of Wonders)
  • Air Condition
  • Breaking the Silence
  • ZOO
  • The Tea Spell
  • Digging A Hole
Close Distants — there is no distance in the world of theatre
  • Cabaret Fucô
  • The Fat Black Women Sing
  • desert, 6:29pm
  • The Gele Mountain

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