Recruitment Instruction for the Outdoor Carnival of

2023 the Tenth Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Application Form for the Outdoor Carnival of

2023 the Tenth Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Recruitment Instruction for the Outdoor Carnival of

2023 the Tenth Wuzhen Theatre Festival

About Wuzhen Theatre Festival

Wuzhen Theatre Festival is a grand celebration of performing arts. Numerous specially invited plays include an abundance of works by masters of the theatre, all at the summit of their creative lives. Numerous creative groups in the Emerging Theatre Artists' Competition competing with brand new works demonstrate their impressive energy and dedication. A nonstop Outdoor Carnival, dazzling and delightful, will further make Wuzhen an adventure. The Wuzhen Dialogues, along with the Theatre Forums, will offer opportunities for all theatre lovers to talk with, and to learn from, Chinese and international theatre masters. The entire town of Wuzhen will be transformed into a splendid stage, and theatre lovers all over the world are invited to enjoy, and participate in, this tantalizing feast of performing arts.

About the Outdoor Carnival

All Wuzhen's a Stage during the Wuzhen Theatre Festival! Aside from the international giants of the world stage who will grace the riverbanks, a nonstop carnival will be ongoing in the narrow streets and small plazas of the old town. Performing artists from all over the world will bring thousands of performances, including street theatre, music, contemporary performing arts, traditional Chinese opera and juggling, and many others. Come face to face with the vitality of the Carnival and amid the ambience of Wuzhen's ancient walkways!

Application for the Outdoor Carnival of 2023 the Tenth Wuzhen Theatre Festival:

1.  Time & Method

The recruitment process of the Outdoor Carnival will be launched from April 25th, 2023 and includes both methods of application through the official website of Wuzhen Theatre Festival and official invitation from Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee. The application must be made by filling in Application Form for the Outdoor Carnival of 2023 the Tenth Wuzhen Theatre Festival. The applicants must email application forms, screenplays (for plays), performance videos and photos to and mail the hard copy of application forms, screenplays (for plays) and performance videos to Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee. The deadline of application is September 15th, 2023.

Mailing Address: Yang Duanchen, The Outdoor Carnival Unit, Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee

No. 18, Shifo South Rd., Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. China (314501)

2.  Performance Types

Play, Dance, Opera, Music, Contemporary Art, Crossover & Creation, and any other type of performing arts.

Play: All types of theatrical performances, encouraged to integrate with environment and interact with audience

Dance: All types of dance performances, encouraged to integrate with environment

Opera: All types of traditional operas around the world

Music: All types of live music performances

Contemporary Art: Installations, multimedia, giant puppets, and all kinds of contemporary performing art

Crossover & Creation:All types of crossover performances and any creative performances

3.  Recruitment Instruction

The recruitment instruction for the Outdoor Carnival of 2023 the Tenth Wuzhen Theatre Festival is as follows:

 3.1  Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee will select performances according to their artistic quality and the dates and numbers of performances provided by the performing groups or individuals.

 3.2  The selected performing groups or individuals will be provided all public areas in Wuzhen West Scenic Zone except indoor theatres as performing locations, including but not limited to: all of the outdoor areas available in the scenic zone, spare rehearsal rooms, temporary stages, and other available space in the scenic zone.

 3.3  Each person of the selected performing groups or individuals will receive a set of Wuzhen Theatre Festival souvenirs provided by the festival committee.

 3.4  If the selection of performing time and location overlaps or conflicts among different performing groups or individuals, the festival committee shall coordinate according to the artistic quality of the performances. The performing group or individuals shall cooperate with festival committee on the performing time, location and publicity related to the performances.

 3.5  Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee will organize two grand parades for all the Outdoor Carnival artists. The time of parades is on the eve of the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony.

 3.6  There is no limit to the form of performances. The performing groups or individuals shall comply with laws and regulations of China.

 3.7  Considering the size of the performance venue, it is recommended that the number of performers in the performance team be around 6.

Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee reserves all final interpretation rights and decisions upon disputes and ambiguities.

                                                                                                                                                                  Wuzhen Theatre Festival Committee

                                                                                                                                                                                                 May 5th, 2023

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