Chairman's Committee
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Huang Lei
Founder and Producing Director

Huang Lei is one of the most prominent actors in China, in theatre, television and film. He is also a screenwriter, theatre producer, and a TV & film director and producer. Since 1997, Hang Lei has been teaching at the Beijing Film Academy. During his many years of teaching, and with his sound knowledge of literature and artistic practices, Huang Lei has creatively formulated his diversified methods of training actors, nurturing much outstanding young talent for the TV and film industries. 

Huang Lei’s acting is recognized by audiences and acclaimed by critics for his especially clear, moving, and refined acting. His theatre credits include Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land and The Yellow StormTV and film credits include Midnight Dinner, A Love for Separation, Hey Daddy! Honey Bee Man, Between Husband and Wife, Guys Clan, Marriage Battle, When Tangerines Turn Red, Life on A String. The TV series Lost Time, which he wrote, directed and acted in, was shot in Wuzhen in 2003 and won him great popularity and warm appreciation all over China, while introducing the timeless beauty of Wuzhen to the public. 

In 2013, Huang Lei co-founded Wuzhen Theatre Festival with Chen Xianghong, Stan Lai and Meng Jinghui. 

He is also part of the jury for this year’s Festival.