Artistic Committee
Christian Biet
Christian Biet is a doctoral advisor of dramaturgy; Professor at the Institute of the University of France; a senior researcher; an international committee member of the International Research Group on "Seventeenth Century" research; a member of the French National Institute of Art History; Professor of the History and Aesthetics of Theater at the University of Paris X; Leader in Academic Research in The History of Art and Performance; Director of the Department of Drama at the University of Paris X; Secretary-General and Editorial Board member of the French academic journal Théatre Public (Public Drama); Vice-President of the "Jean Lessing" Research Association; President of the Sino-French Cross-Stage Art Exchange Association; Director of the "Theatrical Composition" program at the National Academy of Drama in Strasbourg. Since 1994, he has been a distinguished professor at several universities, including universities in the United Kingdom (Cambridge University, Oxford University), the U.S. (New York University, Boston University), Canada and Italy. He has published 26 monographs and nearly a hundred academic articles.