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Tian Qinxin
Artistic Director

Director of the National Theatre of China; specialist granted national funding support by the State Council. Deputy director of the Institute of Film, Television and Theatre, Peking University; professor, Shanghai Theatre Academy; graduate of the Central Academy of Drama.

The hallmark of Tian Qinxin’s work has always been her pursuit of quality in the expression of essential cultural and humanistic values. She often both writes and directs her plays. Blending the appeal of contemporary art concepts with oriental aesthetics, she seeks to experiment with new explorations of Chinese and Western classics—experiments that have constituted a style of her own, and had far-reaching influence in the international theatre landscape. She is one of the most productive theatre directors of mainland China, working in South Korea, in China including Taiwan and Hong Kong, and in other Asian countries and regions. Her production of Green Snake was invited to the Kennedy Center (U.S.), as well as to the Edinburgh Festival (U.K.). Her Sai Jinhua toured five U.S. cities.

Tian Qinxin has been widely honored and awarded for plays she wrote and directed, including: Member, Chinese Drama 100-Year Hall of Fame; Young Leader of Our Time by Southern People Weekly in 2008; Top Ten Performing Arts Figures Awards by China International Performing Arts Summit, and CIVA China Performance Grand Ceremony in 2014; Model Woman of the Year, jointly awarded by the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Netease in 2014; Best Director of the Year by One Drama Presentation in both 2015 and 2016; Cultural Figure of the Year by Influence of China Presentation of China Newsweek in 2016; the 9th Wenhua Prize [China’s highest performing arts award]; the Golden Award for Performance by the 6th China Arts Festival; by the 1st and 3rd Project of the China National Classical Stage Arts; Play of the Year by One Drama Presentation; among others.

Her representative works include the modern dramas The Field of Life and Death, Turmoil, The Orphan of Zhao, Red Rose and White Rose, The Yellow Storm, Green Snake, Beijing Fayuan Temple, Listening to Hongyi; musicals Song of Light and Shadow (2010), A Moment of Remembrance; opera The Long March; Kun Opera 1699•The Peach Blossom Fan; TV series The Bridge, among others.

Her published works include the play collection: Tian Qinxin Dramatic Works Collection (Modern Drama) (DVD); books: I put on a show because I am sad, Tian Qinxin’s Drama House, Tian Qinxin’s Drama Play, and Tian Qinxin’s Rehearsal Hall - The Yellow Storm.

Tian Qinxin is the Artistic Director for this year’s Festival. Her production of The Yellow Storm closed the first Wuzhen Theatre Festival, and her Green Snake opened the second Wuzhen Theatre Festival.