The Theme of the 5th Wuzhen Theatre Festival is LUMINOSITY


It is energy that emanates from the sun.

It is the shine, the glow from the moon.

It is enlightenment.

It is reflection.

It is pioneering and courage.

It is the comprehensive whole.

“Luminosity” is a word related to brightness and clarity.

The Records of the Ancient Historian tells us: “The enlightened one looks within, the strong one masters himself.”

The year 2017 is the year of the Rooster. The ancient Book of Songs reads: “The rooster has crowed, the eastern sky is bright now.”

“Luminosity” is both an engagement and a promise between the 5th Wuzhen Theatre Festival and its audiences.

The rooster is crowing, the east is brightening.

Tian Qinxin, Artistic Director, Wuzhen Theatre Festival